Get to know our RETINOL Ceramide Serum Capsules.

Putting the ‘Beauty’ into ‘Beauty Sleep’ , Our Retinol Night-Time Ceramide helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst improving the evening of skin tone and texture giving an overall illuminating complexion.

Apply at night after cleansing, but leave your face to air dry for a couple of minutes (enough time to make a tea or pour yourself something a little stronger) before applying our retinol ceramide capsule, the potency of this product can cause irritation if applied to a damp face.

Key Features:      

+ Ceramide's for skin protection against environmental stressors

+  Peptides for reinforcing collagen and elastin

+ Avocado oil for nourishing, softening and hydration

Top Tip :
Integrate Retinol into your skincare routine gently and slowly , start with every other or every third night and build up to every night, but retinol requires consistency for results. 

Note from the founder : 
I use this three times a week for a deep exfoliation and to combat fine lines and wrinkles that come with the lack of sleep and to give my skin texture back its glow from replenished fresh skin after using the capsule and removing dead skin cells. I use this at night for optimum results. The reason I selected a non-drying retinol capsule was I found from working with my previous company, I would stop using their products as my skin would become dry and fragile. Although we have compromised on the percentage of retinol we added natural oils to ensure it gave a nourishing finish and can be used more frequently.