Get to know our NIACINAMIDE Ceramide Serum Capsules

Let’s get your skin in check, looking for a product which helps regulate your natural oil production? Are you acne prone? Say hello to your new best friend. Niacinamide helps reduce breakouts , and with our cocktail of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories, not only does it help with the swelling that comes with acne but help reduce the appearance of scarring.


Key Features:      

+ Rosemary leaf extract for anti-inflammatory properties

+ Olive fruit oil for the promotion of collagen production

+ Aloe leaf juice for antioxidants and vitamins


Note from the founder : 
I alternate this product with our retinol capsule every other evening as I find it helps with my pigmentation and open pores. Mixed with the Retinol throughout the week not only do I replenish my skin but also I combat my other skin problems. I sometimes micro-needle this product into my skin for a deeper penetration of the product and find it has really lifted pigmentation.